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Dieters know that the key to losing weight is to combine a low calorie diet with a good exercise plan.  The body uses calories for everything it does.  The more strenuous the activity the more calories the body uses. While it's important to add a regular exercise routine into your daily schedule you can also easily increase the calories you use throughout the day by following just some of these helpful calorie burning tips.

Best Ways To Lose Weight

Walk to work – Or walk further to work.  If you take the train to work walk to the train station instead of driving.  If you must drive then get additional exercise by parking further away in the parking lot.  Adding even just a few blocks to your daily exercise will give you plenty of benefits and help you burn more calories.

Walk at work – Use your lunch hour wisely.  Bring you lunch so you can spend part of your lunchtime walking.  Get outside when the weather is nice.  Gather a group of friends to walk with you making it a fun and sociable time.  Walking for a half hour just several times per week will help you burn many additional calories.


How To Burn More Calories

Play with the kids – Your kids are active so take advantage by playing with your kids.  Taking them outside to the park will accomplish two important things – it helps you spend quality time with your children and it helps you burn more calories.  Have fun and enjoy some together time playing.

Take the stairs – Every so often try skipping the elevator and take the stairs instead.  Climbing the stairs is a great cardiovascular exercise and can burn lots of calories.  Plus taking the stairs lets you have some private time to reflect on the day before heading to work or home.

Carry the grocery bags – Choose paper over plastic and carry the grocery bags into the house yourself.  You'll spend some calories while also adding some upper body and arm strength without even noticing it.

Use a pedometer – Try getting a simple pedometer.  See how many steps you take in an average day.  Now try to beat your record.  Every day try to increase your steps.  Soon you'll be finding new ways to add more activity into your every day chores.

Dance – Get in front of the television, throw in a fun DVD and dance!  Dancing helps you blow off steam, relaxes you and burns calories at the same time.

 Exercise while on the phone – Use the time you're on the phone to work your muscles.  Use some simple weights and practice some arm curls while you're on the phone.  No more wasted conference calls!

Chair exercises – Sitting at your desk all day can be boring and it doesn't burn many calories.  Try taking a ten minute stretch break for every two hours you spend at your desk.  Stand up and do some simple stretches such as toe touches.  They get the blood flowing and burn more calories.  Try taking a walk around the office to break up the boredom.

Burn More Calories Today